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A Leak Detection Includes

Structural Examination: First I use a pool scope ( Hydrophone ) to listen to all the plumbing outlets in the structure  ie: return lines, drains, jets, vacuum lines, pool sweeps, etc. I also listen to the lights and the rest of the structure to determine if there are leaks. I then use scuba gear to enter the water to confirm any leaks located with my listening device and to check the structure if cracks are present to determine if they are leaking. This means every square inch of your pool will be examined with the precision of a leak detection professional. I find that roughly 70% of all pool leaks are in the structure and most of those can be repaired on the spot with underwater epoxy, at a minimal charge to you.


Plumbing Pressure Test: Using my equipment, I will pressurize all of your plumbing lines to 20psi to confirm if there are any leaks present. If any plumbing line cannot hold air pressure, I will then use an underground listening device to locate your buried plumbing leak.

I also inspect the above ground equipment while it is running to check for any leaks or other potential problems.


Not Sure You Have A Leak: You can perform a simple Bucket test. Take a five gallon bucket or something similar it does not matter on the size of the container and fill it to just under the top with pool water, ( this will keep the bucket from floating away ) now set it in the pool on the shallow end steps, this will keep the water the same temperature as the pool, mark the water level inside the bucket with a crayon or tape and mark the water level on the outside of the bucket in the same manner, ( if you have a spa connected to the pool make sure the equipment is running when you make your marks and when you check them the next day ) also leave the pump running its normal operation, that is all you need to do, just check your marks 24 hours later to see if they lost the same amount of water, which would be normal evaporation. If the pool mark was lower than inside the bucket mark you have a leak GIVE US A CALL!!

So whether  a leak is in your slab, irrigation, home, roof or pool's structure or plumbing, we will find your leaks. Period.

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