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​ I always recommend performing a leak detection to determine where all the leaks are before any work is to be done.

If your pool has a strucural leaking crack or cracks in the shell, it is imperative to fix this kind of leak before more damage can occur to the shell or surrounding areas from water saturation,especially if the pool resides on a hillside. It is necessary to perform a staple crack repair to seal the cracks throughout the shell. The staple repair method stabilizes the crack and prevents it from further movement which is what caused the crack in the first place. 

I use the latest methods and #4 pre-fabricated rebar staples, I saw-cut and chip out the plaster around the crack wide enough to install rebar staples every foot along the path of the crack. I paint the staples to prevent rust from coming through the plaster than we imbed them into the gunite using anchor epoxy to hold them in place, I chip out the crack and seal the entire repair area with Rapid Set grout, than patch back the repair site with plaster also we will remove and replace any existing tile if necessary to repair the cracks behind the tile. 

I have a high degree of success with our staple repairs compared to other repair methods.

I will need to drain the water out of the pool before we can perform repairs. Due to the fact that water may be under the pool shell from the leaking cracks, it can build up Hydrostatic pressure which can cause the shell to move ( lift or settle). This is a rare event.

There is no guarantee or warranty that the pool will not move when the water is drained out,  I cannot control the earth under

the shell and take no liability from draining the pool.

**Optional recommended installation- a Hydrostatic valve in the bottom of the empty pool to prevent future movement of the shell when emptying the water out.

**All staple repairs will leave a patch finish, or you can request a quote for a re-plaster.

**All services performed by an experienced professional technician and we strive to do the best work possible, your satisfaction guaranteed.

I am not liable for any natural occurrences- earthquakes, landslides etc.

Please be aware that we are not geologist or structural engineers and cannot predict why

the pool cracked, there are many factors that can contribute to cracks in the shell-soil (expansion

and contraction),gunite (to thin or voids), or lack of rebar to name a few. The staple repair method is a cost effective way to fix the pool, you can spend thousand of dollars to hire engineers and geologist to determine why the pool cracked and a considerable amount more to try and remedy the prolem.


***Please contact us for a price quote since every job is unique.***





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